Award-winning matching platform for all your funding needs.

Instantly connecting lenders of business and property finance with intermediaries and borrowers.

Connecting lenders with intermediaries and borrowers.


Save Time and Money.

Intelligent matching, real-time chat and the ability to upload all your documents in one place. 

What we offer Intermediaries

Using Pitch 4 will save you and your company time and money.

Match each of your customer’s unique enquiries with multiple lenders instantly and engage in real-time discussions.

Our lenders specialise in complex loan structures, such as property development, bridging, commercial, HMOs, residential buy-to-let and business, asset and invoice finance.

What we offer Lenders

Pitch 4 will notify you directly when you receive leads, straight to your lender profile.

Receive tailored leads directly into your Pitch 4 inbox straight from the intermediaries and borrowers. Create unique business streams within your profile to filter leads that best reflect your current lending products.

Discuss cases in real-time

Upload all documents to your secure online profile, and have real-time discussions with all parties. 

We provide one-to-one support for all your property and business needs.

Who is using the platform?

Since our launch, more than 170 lenders are using the Pitch 4 Platform, with over £200 million worth of enquiries uploaded. 

Are you looking for a loan?

Pitch 4 technology provides instant matching, sending your enquiry to all the relevant lenders on the platform. You’re guaranteed to find the best loan option and save money. It’s quick, simple and transparent, with one-to-one support from the Pitch 4 team every step of the way! 

Want to stay updated?

Pitch 4 Finance is an award-winning financial matching platform, that is constantly evolving.

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