A Revolutionary New Funding Marketplace.

Quickly and efficiently connecting lenders of property and business finance with intermediaries and borrowers.

Connecting lenders with intermediaries and borrowers.


Save Time, Money & Gain Digital Security.

Lenders and borrowers are matched intelligently, and can discuss loan requirements in real-time chat with secure document transfer.

All within one cloud-based platform.

What we offer Intermediaries

Using Pitch 4 will save you and your company time and money.

Match each of your customers unique enquiries with multiple lenders instantly and engage in real-time discussions, using our Loan comparison service.

Our cloud-based centralised work flow will save you time and streamline all of your company processes.

We can help you provide the best customer service possible.

Manage your customers loan needs by creating virtual applicants in our funding marketplace. Upload and send documents to lenders on their behalf and manage multiple loan applications at once, using our user-friendly interface.

What we offer Lenders

Increase your number of customers with leads finding you.

Receive fully qualified leads directly into your Pitch 4 inbox straight from the intermediaries and borrowers. Live lead matching and Loan comparisons means you’re in control of every aspect of the loans you can offer.

Let the perfect customers come to you to save you time and money.

Discuss cases in real-time

Pitch 4 Finance allows it’s users to operate within our highly-secure ecosystem.

We allow real-time discussions between all parties, and secure document transfer to allow all the important loan documents to be stored and viewed throughout the process, on both sides of the enquiry. Helping with commercial finance, mortgage  finance and more. 

Are you looking for a loan?

Use unique loan comparison service and get expert online mortgage advice by sending your enquiry to all of the relevant lenders on the platform, you’re guaranteed to find the best loan option and save money, and with the Pitch4 admins on hand to guide you through the whole process!

Want to stay updated?

Pitch 4 Finance is a brand new service with a constantly evolving set of features.
Our team will be actively working with the growing user-base to expand the product and what we can offer all users.

To stay up to date with all things Pitch 4 Finance, register your interest today!