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"Lenders should be able to use technology to their advantage, to save time and ensure that they are generating the best customer outcomes."

How it Works

1. A lender creates business streams.

Create multiple business streams on the Pitch 4 Finance platform to reflect your current lending criteria.

Pitch 4 Admin can help with this at any time.

2. A borrower submits an enquiry.

Our borrowers & brokers submit a loan enquiry onto the Pitch 4 Finance platform using the built-in enquiry form.

How our Enquiry system works

3. Loan enquiry match.

Your lending criteria are matched instantly with suitable cases submitted by borrowers and brokers on the Pitch 4 Finance platform.

4. Communicate with the borrower.

Chat directly with clients that match your lending criteria directly on the Pitch 4 Finance platform, exchange documents, and quickly get terms in place to process a loan.

5. Support from the Pitch 4 Finance team.

We are on hand to offer help and guidance every step of the way. Take advantage of our online chat function or call us on 0800 7723 180.

6. Loan Completes.

From sourcing to completion, the entire loan process can be managed on the Pitch 4 Finance platform. Keep all your client and case information in one place, and complete your loan succesfully online.

Who is using the platform?

More than 180 lenders are using the Pitch 4 Platform, with over £200 million worth of enquiries uploaded.

Direct access, messaging and communication.
View in-depth lead details at a glance.

A Personalised Dashboard.
See a list of all your active leads in one place.

Results in seconds.
User-friendly in-app notifications and alerts.

Talk to the customer in real-time.

Once you’ve connected with an intermediary or borrower you can chat in real-time, exchange all loan documents, and secure the final details to complete a loan on the Pitch 4 Finance platform.


Security and privacy.

Uploading documents onto the Pitch 4 platform is both safe and secure. Exchange and store documents in our cloud and keep a history of all loan enquiries in one location.

Professional guidance.

The Pitch 4 admin team are here to help.

Find us on the live chat feature within the platform and let us help with any aspect of the process. It’s important to us that you find our new platform easy and efficient and we’re here to help in any way we can.

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