Find the best lenders for your customers.

Pitch 4 Finance connects lenders with intermediaries and borrowers

Save your company time and money, with your new favourite tool.

By using the Pitch 4 funding marketplace, you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to perform the valuable searches and matches that find your customers the best loan options. With your expert advice and our revolutionary loan comparison service, your job will become easier and allow you to dedicate more time to providing excellent customer service.

We’ve built you a platform using our years of intermediary experience, to become the centre of an improved, easier, and more efficient daily work-flow.

Welcome to Pitch 4 Finance!

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Create virtual applicants.
Manage your customers needs by creating applicant details in the platform.

Group 21

Match with lenders with correct criteria.
Our sophisticated matching engine finds the best lenders.

Group 22

Manage multiple Enquiries.
Our user-focused dashboard allows you to view the status of all your enquiries at a glance.

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Upload and send documents.
Secure file transfer allows you to submit and receive documents through the platform.

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Full-control over status of loan.
You have control over the status of the loan at all times, pausing to suit the customer.

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Chat directly to lenders.
Alerts, notifications and direct chat allow you to keep all communications in one place.

How it works.

We’ve built Pitch 4 to become the perfect tool to fit into your workflow. Manage multiple customers by creating “Applicants” within the system, adding in customer details to make keeping track of your current customers as easy as possible.

Using these applicants you can submit the details of loan enquiries into the system, which then match with the right list of lenders for the job. From this list you can chat in real-time, and secure the right loan for you customer.

Who is using the platform?

Since launching we have been signing up new lenders into the Pitch 4 Platform. Here is a small selection, please click to view more.

Book a call today.

Our platform will be opening up to Borrowers throughout mid-2020.

Sign-up as an early adopter now, and you will be the first to be informed when you can start using the state-of-the-art matching engine of Pitch 4, to start talking directly to lenders with your loan and funding application needs.

Access to a wider range of lenders

By instantly matching the right list of lenders to your loan enquiries and using your expert knowledge, you’re able to offer the best loan for your customers.

No more wasting time by manually filtering down your list of lenders, no more spread-sheets and manual sorting. Let us do you leg-work, while you focus on providing the best customer service possible.

Fast and easy lender communication

With real-time chat on the platform you can quickly and easily discuss the loan details with the chosen lenders. Using secure document transfer to send important documents, and saving and reusing documents in your online repository.

Want to stay updated?

Pitch 4 Finance is a brand new service with a constantly evolving set of features.
Our team will be actively working with the growing user-base to expand the product and what we can offer all users.

To stay up to date with all things Pitch 4 Finance, register your interest today!