Avamore Capital Review

“Avamore Capital is a property finance specialist that provides intelligent funding solutions for investors, entrepreneurs and property developers.”


Founded in 2015, Avamore Capital is a principal bridging and development finance provider with a mission to help ease the UK’s housing crisis by meeting the funding requirements of the next generation of entrepreneurs and property developers. The lender specialises in providing short-term property finance and is committed to working closely with intermediaries and developers to help them achieve their big-picture goals.


Avamore Capital has a forward-thinking approach and was the first-ever lender to introduce the Finish & Exit product, designed for part-complete projects that are not eligible for a traditional developer exit.



Financial Products and Services

Avamore Capital understands that the market’s needs are continually changing and growing in complexity, and so it focuses on responding to both the current and future requirements of developers.

Dedicated to delivering funding solutions that work, Avamore Capital offers a wide range of financial products and services, including:

  • Bridging finance for residential projects only
  • Light, medium and heavy refurbishment loans
  • Ground-up funding
  • Buy-to-let finance
  • Funding for part-complete projects under its Finish & Exit Product

The team at Avamore Capital assesses projects quickly and offers traditional loan products and tailored finance solutions built around the needs of each client.




Industries and Sectors

All of Avamore Capital’s loan packages are available for entrepreneurs, property developers and commercial customers.

The sectors Avamore Capital covers include:

Residential Real Estate

Commerical Real Estate

Real Estate Development


An unsecured loan from Avamore Capital can be used for many different purposes, but this lender will only lend to limited companies and incorporated partnerships.


It’s also worth pointing out that Avamore lends in Southern and Central England with a northern border of Greater Manchester, Leeds, York and Harrogate.



The Benefits of Using Avamore Capital

Avamore Capital is a reputable private lender focusing on short-term bridging and development loans in the UK. Not only is the company very flexible when it comes to accommodating specific circumstances, but it can also finance projects quickly and is often able to put funds in place in less than a week.


Every member of the team at Avamore takes pride in providing outstanding service at competitive prices and building trusting relationships with clients by keeping communication channels open throughout the lending process. The team also understands the importance of timely completion and finding solutions to any challenges that may arise along the way.


Always doing its best to make each deal work, Avamore Capital doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to lending and therefore offers relevant and intelligent funding solutions to suit the real-time needs of developers.


Customer Review Scores

Avamore Capital is currently rated ‘Excellent’ on consumer review website Trustpilot, with an overall score of 4.7 out of 5, based on 24 customer reviews.

On Google, Avamore has a 4.0 rating out of 5, based on the opinion of 5 reviewers.

Please note that these scores are correct at the time of writing – April 2021.


Awards and Accreditations

Avamore Capital is an award-winning lender, often praised for delivering innovative funding solutions and providing fast and flexible service to meet its client’s requirements.

Awards and accreditations include:

Best Service from a Development Finance Provider – Moneyfacts Awards 2021

Specialist Product of the Year (Finish & Exit) – B&C Awards 2020

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