Fairbridge Capital

Fairbridge Capital specialises in property finance and offers a wide array of financial products to help borrowers achieve their goals. 

Located in Gravesend, Kent and founded in 2019, Fairbridge Capital takes pride in being a fast and flexible lender that can deliver short-term finance and bespoke bridging solutions. The company consists of a dedicated team of in-house specialists who work closely with clients to develop perfectly tailored finance options.


Financial Products and Services

Fairbridge Capital offers a competitive range of specialist property finance products, all of which can be tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of each borrower.

The financial products and services Fairbridge Capital offers include:

  • Residential bridging loans
  • Commercial bridging loans
  • Refurbishment loans
  • Finish and exit loans
  • Second charge bridging loans


Fairbridge Capital’s residential bridging loans are suitable for refinances, refurbishments and auction purchases, and its commercial loans are for refinances, purchases and business cash flow. The lender also offers specialist finance to developers and investors, and finish and exit loans for experienced property developers. 


Industries and Sectors

The team at Fairbridge Capital provides fast and flexible loans for individuals, partnerships, limited companies and foreign nationals. 

Fairbridge Capital offers finance across a diverse range of sectors, including, but not limited to:

Real Estate

Mixed-usel Real Estate






Committed to building strong relationships with clients, Fairbridge Capital makes fast decisions and takes a common-sense approach to lending, meaning it can often lend to borrowers when other lenders have previously turned them down. 


The Benefits of Using Fairbridge Capital

The Benefits of Using Fairbridge Capital

Fairbridge Capital prides itself on doing things differently and finding practical and cost-effective solutions for its clients. As Fairbridge Capital has a strong appetite for lending, it will consider applicants with adverse credit history. 

The combined experience of Fairbridge Capital’s in-house team of specialists gives this lender the ability to understand complex cases and identify bespoke bridging solutions to match borrower’s needs. Fairbridge Capital tailors its loans to make fair lending decisions and enhance its fast and transparent lending process.

Understanding that every case is different, Fairbridge Capital assesses each application on its own merits to deliver the best solution possible for each borrower. 

Customer Review Scores

We were unable to find any online reviews for Fairbridge Capital at the time of writing – May 2021.

Awards and Accreditations

Fairbridge Capital has not yet received any awards or accreditations.

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