New business and property portal launches

Published in Business Money on 18th June 2021.

“A new platform called Pitch 4 Finance has launched to help borrowers source the best deals to finance property and business investment.

Pitch 4 Finance features a panel of nearly 200 lenders that specialise in commercial mortgages, mortgages for residential investment properties, bridging finance, property development and refurbishments, HMO lending and business finance.

Anyone looking for a loan in any of these areas can submit an enquiry onto the Pitch 4 Finance platform using the built-in enquiry form.

Their borrowing requirements are then matched instantly with lenders that can lend against their particular criteria and those lenders are invited to propose terms for the loan. Borrowers are able to chat directly with lenders that match their enquiry through the platform and can quickly agree terms to process their loan.

Throughout the process, Pitch 4 Finance has a team of expert advisers on hand to offer help and guidance every step of the way, either over the phone or using the online chat facility.

Pitch 4 Finance has already launched a service for finance brokers and sourced loans on enquiries worth more than £200m.

Miranda Khadr, founder of Pitch 4 Finance, says: “If you are struggling to find the best source of finance to fund your business or property investment, you need to try Pitch 4 Finance….

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