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Since the start of 2020, Pitch 4 Finance onboards over 100 banks and alternative lenders on to the platform.

Pitch 4 Finance works by taking the requirements of the borrowing party and matching against criteria set by lenders. Our approach allows the lenders to expand and contract the supply of suitable enquiries that they can lend against, therefore providing the borrower with real, obtainable options with only one submission.

2020 has been a shock year for all industries and individuals, and it will take new, innovative ways for society and business to evolve their way out fo the crisis. In late-February pitch for finance reached the 100 lender mark and we are currently on our way to 200 as institutions embrace technological change within the industry. The platform creators, Pitch Black Technology, have been working closely with some of the newest and smartest technology companies to devise the end-to-end case management platform for the commercial finance industry.

On the back of news that house prices have risen over 8% and a market with fewer products available, Pitch 4 Finance helps both brokers and clients directly source the right funding in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. Chief Operating Officer, James Warren says “Our reversed market model design provides the best possible outcomes for the borrower or intermediary. Matching criteria defined by banks and alternative lenders help to keep Pitch 4’s matching engine in tune and relevant.”

You can see our funding partners on our featured lenders page which shows a selection of banks and alternative finance providers that have been using Pitch 4 Finance since inception. If you are a lender and not yet registered, book in with our team now.



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